Space Heating & Cooling Tips

Programmable Thermostat

Install and set a programmable thermostat. This can help you save up to ten percent on heating and cooling costs.

Ceiling Fans

Use a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about four degrees without impacting your comfort.


Insulate your attic and walls, and seal cracks and openings to prevent warm air from leaking into your home.

Seal Ducts

Insulate and seal ducts. Air loss through ducts accounts for about 30% of a cooling system’s energy consumption.

Window Coverings

Install energy efficient window coverings that let natural light in and prevent solar heat gain.


Buy an Energystar qualified A/C unit. On average they are up to 15% more efficient than standard models.

Bathroom Fans

Use the bathroom fan when taking a shower or bath and a range hood when cooking. This removes heat and humidity from your home.


Don’t heat your home with appliances. On hot days, consider using an outdoor grill instead of your oven.

HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Services

Our pros can install a brand new air conditioning system for you. They offer top rated products from Trane, as well as Mitsubishi ducted and ductless mini split air conditioners.

Heating Services

Our pros can install a new Heating system, including Furnaces, Heat Pumps, and Radiant Heating Systems. We also offer heating installations services of Geothermal Heat Pumps and Water Heaters.

Commercial HVAC

Our pros are top providers of commercial HVAC in the Sacramento area and are available to install new Commercial Rooftop Units, Air Conditioners, & Refrigeration Systems.